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QV Partners was founded by two tech executives, Nathan Wright and Mark Cieri.  Each spent years pursuing entrepreneurial pathways until their paths crossed in 2017.  Six months after meeting and exploring various potential investment opportunities, QV Partners was established with a shared devotion and roadmap to passionately build an organization of excellence. The partners committed to a cause greater than financial return alone, by fostering a culture where employees, partners, and member companies experience ever present challenge wrapped in persistent encouragement leading to divine growth together.

“Our team is passionately building a variety of tech-enabled businesses that all deliver unique, not to mention exceptional customer experience across the Commercial, Outdoor Adventure, Construction and Smart Home spaces.”

Nathan Wright, Co-Founder of QV Partners

mark cieri

Managing Member & Co-Founder

transforming. scaling. building business.

Mark is a global Tech business leader, angel investor, and business adventurist. He has held senior executive leader positions at an array of high growth tech start-ups, corporate ventures, as well as Fortune 500 companies. 

Mark is presently Board Member / CMO / COO of Upventur, an outdoor adventure start-up, CEO & Co-founder of TeamOfDefenders LLC, an early-stage IoT venture and a chartering member of Denton Angels. Prior to this, Mark was a VP GM at Philips Lighting Corporation where he built a leading smart home business that experienced over 300% sales growth.   He was also VP of Sales and Marketing of two tech-start-ups, one of which he helped finalize M&A with Intel/Altera.

Mark has a BS in Engineering from Rutgers University and an MBA from Lehigh University.  He holds 11 patents and is recognized for his combination of vision, passion, and desire to build whether it be a company, a mission, the local entrepreneurial community or most importantly his own family.

nathan w img
nathan wright

Managing Member & Co-Founder

technology developer. professional engineer.

Nathan is an accomplished Product Development & System Solution Architect with extensive deployments of IoT Hardware & Software solutions. He has led the commercialization and automation of over 200 innovative industrial & technology projects.

Nathan is presently CTO of & Co-founder of TeamOfDefenders LLC, Chartering member of Denton Angels, and CEO of Lumen Solutions, Inc, an engineering product development company he led for 12 years.  Previously, Nathan was a Senior Test Engineer at Schlumberger and Product Engineer at Texas Instruments.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Texas and holds multiple patents.  

Nathan has three degrees: a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering along with an MBA. He is recognized for his broad and deep technology exposure, which in instrumental in QV Partners quickly being able to ascertain technology feasibility of a wide variety of proposed ventures and the resourcing requirements to complete development and productization.

“We are enjoying the journey building corporate value, inspiring the character of our organization, and taking care of people all uniquely gifted with special talents.”

Mark Cieri Co-Founder of QV Partners