PURSUING A Vision OF mutual success

Together We Quest. Together We Partner.

QV Partners, is a boutique business accelerator, where we aim to amass a portfolio of super-power enabled members aimed at delivering truly unique and exceptional customer and end-user experiences.

 We selectively provide angel investment and commercial acceleration support. While we are not segment specific, we most often engage tech-enabled companies. Presently, we have participated in Commercial, Outdoor Adventure, Property Management, Satcom, Smart Home, and Industrial automation spaces.

Our investments generally involve solutions being developed and brought to market that connect “aspiring users” with purpose-built “things” or application-specific “micro-services” enabled by scalable, extensible, modular cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) architectures and artificial intelligence (AI).

We strategically invest in strong management teams with innovative solutions and actionable go-to-market pathways

“The Team at QV Partners are amazingly supportive of me and have helped get the company focused on the north star strategy and accelerate market success.”

Craig Pettigrew, CEO of Upventur


We avoid followers and admire Rule Breakers, Creators, & Makers.

Our Work is our Team Sport, but the Game Outside of Work matters too!

We Love what we do and the people we partner with.

Servant Leadership is demonstrated not merely talked about.

We believe innovation must happen in all Areas of the business.

Our Effort towards Excellence is expected, but not Perfection.

We must be good stewards of our time, talents, and treasures.

Success is measured by more than financial return alone.

“Working with the QV Partner Management team has helped me develop as a professional, while giving me a unique opportunity to personally make an impact and add to the larger vision, which I love. “

– John Knowles, Employee at Portfolio Company